Choosing Between A One And Two-Story Home

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When you meet with a realtor to purchase a home, you should know most of what you want in a house. That way, they can narrow the search results and show you the homes that meet your criteria the best. The benefit of this is not wasting time looking at homes you won't be interested in. You should determine whether you want a one-story or two-story home. This article covers the characteristics of both. This can help you better determine which would be best for your family.

Advantages of One-Story Homes

More Living Space - A benefit of having a single-story home is not compromising any square footage on areas like staircases. 

No Added Risk of Injury - A single-story home reduces the risk of children or someone with mobility issues falling down the stairs. Also, evacuation would be easier in a fire or in another emergency. 

No Stomping Sounds - A single-story home means no one walking loudly above you. While these sounds are easier to ignore in the daytime, they can be difficult for anyone in a downstairs bedroom. 

Easy to Age In - Someone wanting to age in their home will find it much easier in a single-story home. They are more accommodating to walkers and wheelchairs. 

Easy to Watch the Kids - It's easier to watch small children in a single-story home. You won't have to go upstairs and downstairs every time you hear a concerning noise. 

Advantages of Two-Story Homes 

Less Roof to Maintain - A two-story home gives you more square footage with less roof space to maintain. 

More Privacy - There's more privacy in a two-story house for a couple of reasons. A staircase separates the lower level from the upper level, which means added privacy. Also, the windows on the second level can't be seen through from outside. 

Better Views - A two-story home offers better views from the second-story windows. Also, many two-story houses have upstairs balconies to sit on that offer superb views. 

More Yard Space - A two-story home takes up less property space. If you buy a home in a populated neighborhood, your two-story home can have a much larger yard than the one-story homes in the neighborhood. 

Versatile Designs - Two-story homes have more attachment points for building out in the future. 


When looking to buy a home, consider the advantages each style of home offers and decide which is best for your family, now and in the future. 

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10 April 2023

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