Everything You Need To Know About Adding A Pitch To A Flat Roof

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Most commercial establishments have flat roofs. This is because such roofs offer many advantages, including being affordable and easy to install. However, only a roofing contractor has the right experience in creating this design. So, if you choose a DIY installation, your roof will likely have drainage problems. Note that the roof's pitch determines how well it will drain water. Hence, if you have drainage issues with yours, you should consider creating a little slope. Here is everything you need to know about the process.

The Benefits of Adding a Pitch

Adding a pitch to your roof has countless benefits. First, it will be more stylish and appealing because commercial roofs can be mundane. Hence, designs like hip, gable, shed, and mansard can help add to the aesthetics of the building. You can also switch from sprayed-on roofing materials to asphalt shingles, shakes, slate, and other options. The result is a beautiful and stylish roof that resolves the water ponding problem through the gradient design. You should know that any water that stagnates on a flat roof increases the chances of leaks and other damage. Thirdly, a pitched roof will have better energy efficiency than its flat counterparts. Given this, a slope increases the beauty and functionality of your entire roofing structure.

Steps to Follow When Pitching

You should also know the steps to follow when making this change to your roof structure. As such, you should leave the task to a roofing contractor who will start by determining the span of the roof and where the new peak will sit. In this case, the expert will make these estimations and determine whether the project will be feasible. Note that the calculations will also determine how much material will be used and the project's cost. The third part of the process is to tear off the existing roof material and, in some cases, the underlying structure. The contractor will then install the new material, check if the new design is functional, and clean it up.

Preparations to Make Before Installing the Roof

You should know that switching from a flat to a pitched roof has consequences. For example, if you have installed heavy equipment like HVAC units on the roof, you must find an alternative place to store them. That said, pitching a roof is the best way to improve its longevity and functionality.

Consult a commercial roofing contractor and get the best direction on tips and guidelines to change your roof design from flat to pitched. They will guide you and provide design ideas and material options for the best outcome.  

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15 December 2022

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