New Home With Propane Appliances? Here's What You Need To Know About Propane Delivery

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If you are in the process of purchasing a home with propane appliances for the first time, you likely have many questions about how residential propane services work. Here are the basics:

Residential Propane Gas Storage

Propane is a common fuel source in rural and remote areas. However, unlike electrical or natural gas, propane must be delivered by truck and stored on-site in a propane tank.

Some households purchase their propane tank and only have it refilled when it gets to be near empty. This allows them to have their propane tank filled by whichever local company offers the lowest price.

Other households have a propane tank sitting on their property that the propane company itself owns. In this scenario, all of the propane used to fill the tank will come from the company that owns the propane tank.

Before your home sale closes, the seller should inform you as to whether you will own the propane tank on the property or if a local gas company owns it.

The Two Common Systems of Residential Propane Tank Refilling

All propane tanks have a gauge showing how much gas they contain. Whether you own the propane tank or a local gas company owns it, it will need to be refilled when the gas runs low. 

Residential propane tank refilling happens in one of two different ways:

  1. On a regular schedule set by the propane supplier

  2. You monitor the gas level in the tank and call when you want to refill

Regularly Scheduled Gas Refills

When you opt to be placed on a regular schedule set by the propane supplier for your residential propane tank refilling, the gas company will look at your usage and come by to fill the tank with ample time before you run out of gas.

Since you are on the gas company's regular schedule, which helps them project how much fuel they will need to supply in a given month, they reward you by offering you a lower price per gallon of the propane you delivered.

Alternatively, if you own your propane tank and would prefer to only pay for gas once or twice a year, you can monitor the gas level in the tank yourself and call the propane company out when you want to refill the tank. However, it is essential to note that when your propane tank is filled at will, this often comes with a higher price per gallon. 

For more information on a residential propane tank refill, contact a professional near you.


2 November 2022

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