Why Is A Sewer Line Inspection Necessary For Repeat Clogs?

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If your drain keeps clogging, it seems like there's one simple solution: call in a plumber to clear the clog. Unfortunately, sewer line blockages are often more complex problems than they seem from the surface. Although snaking and hydro jetting can solve many problems, you may need to keep calling your plumber back year after to clear the same sewer line.

Repeated drain cleanings are a good indication of something more severe happening in your sewer line. Unfortunately, you can learn only so much by running snakes down the line or blasting it with water. In these cases, a sewer line inspection using a camera is typically the best option for getting to the root of the issue.

How Do Sewer Line Camera Inspections Work?

Drain cameras are more than simple consumer-grade cameras on the end of a line. Instead, these are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment designed to withstand the relatively harsh environment of a typical sewer line. These cameras feature long cables that can extend deep into your sewer line and that a plumber can easily pull forward and back as needed.

Additionally, many sewer line cameras include head locators, providing even more valuable information. Since your sewer line runs underground, it can be hard to know the exact position of a clog. Even with a camera, there's some guesswork involved. A locator system allows a plumber to move the camera to a clog and then use a separate locator device to pinpoint its exact location from the surface.

These two sewer line camera features provide a wealth of information about clogs in your sewer line, potentially saving you a huge amount of money. By locating the precise position of a clog, your plumber can target repairs to that area. This information guarantees that you won't waste time and money excavating unnecessary parts of your property.

What Can a Sewer Line Inspection Tell You?

By utilizing the advanced features of a pipe inspection camera, your plumber can get to the bottom of your recurring sewer clogs. A camera can discover root infestations, locate collapsed or rotting pipe sections, or even uncover a clog's exact composition. This information is invaluable when formulating a plan of attack to solve your problem permanently.

Ultimately, attempting to tackle a clog deep in your sewer line without a camera inspection is a guessing game that can cost you more money in the long run. For instance, you may waste time and effort fighting clogs that will keep returning due to a collapsed pipe or root intrusion. With the information from a pipe inspection, you can arrive at a solution that stops your clogs once and for all.

Reach out to a camera sewer line inspection service provider to learn more.


18 October 2022

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