The End Of Summer Is A Great Time To Conduct A Full Roof Inspection

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If you are a homeowner, the end of summer is a great time of year to give your roof a full inspection to ensure that you are fully prepared for the upcoming change in seasons. Here's what you might want to take a look at and why you might want to hire a professional to help you out with this task.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Good to Go for the Fall and Winter Before Leaves Start Making an Inspection More Difficult

Autumn is a season that can cause issues for gutters because all of those leaves could lead to a clog if you aren't sweeping them out. So you should plan on staying on top of that in the weeks ahead, but hopefully, you also realize that the best time to inspect your gutters is before a single leaf has fallen. You'll be able to make sure your gutters are ready to move any melting snow this winter to the right spot instead of causing an issue that leads to damage to your house foundation.

The Fall and Winter Will Have Less Than Ideal Conditions for a Walk Across Your Roof So Do It Now to Reduce Chances of a Problem

Fall can bring winds that drop plenty of leaves and twigs all over your roof. Winter will bring ice and snow. Either way, you aren't going to want to walk across your roof during many of the upcoming days of those two seasons. Do a full roof walk now while your roof is nice and dry and free of debris to reduce the chances of an accident occurring. You should also consider that it will be much easier to detect any potential problems when there is no debris or snow obscuring your view.

A Loose Shingle Could Easily Turn Into a Leak Issue Once Cold Weather Returns

If your roof walk does reveal a loose shingle, get it fixed immediately. A loose shingle might not be allowing a leak into your house just yet, but a pile of snow landing on top of it and then slowly melting might cause issues this winter.

A Local Roofing Professional Can Give You Peace of Mind

For best results when it comes to roofing inspections, contact a local professional before autumn arrives and you can have better peace of mind that your house is fully prepared for the change in seasons. A roofing pro will likely also be able to tackle the inspection more efficiently, and you won't have to give up your entire day like you would if you were doing it on your own.

Reach out to a roofing contractor near you to learn more. 


24 August 2022

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