Installation Advice For Residential Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

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If you have a crawl space that's untreated, then it's probably a good idea to set up a vapor barrier so that you don't have to worry about water causing damage around this area. For this investment to be a total success, you need to follow these installation guides carefully.

Find a Truly Waterproof Vapor Barrier First

Before you complete this setup, you need to find a vapor barrier material that is truly waterproof. Then after it's set up around the crawl space, you can trust water isn't going to be able to enter this area of your home and cause structural damage that's hard to deal with at a later point in time.

You have a lot of material choices to select from, but you'll have an easier time deciding what to use if you just verify the material you're going with has moisture or water-proof labels in its description. Then you can trust this vapor barrier will make a huge difference in combating water damage. 

Dry Out Crawl Space If Already Wet

If your crawl space is already humid and wet, then it's important to get this area as dry as possible before you go setting up a vapor barrier around the crawl space. This is going to help you keep this area better protected from water damage, as well as make it easier to get the vapor barrier to stay in place. 

The easiest way to approach this drying process is to set up a heat source. It's going to dry up wet spots fast so that you can begin setting up the crawl space vapor barrier in no time. 

Use a Utility Knife to Cut Extra Materials Away

Even if you take dimensions of the crawl space area, you'll probably have excess barrier materials that you need to cut away to get everything properly lined up. This cutting will be easier to complete if you use a utility knife.

It's sharp and straightforward to work with. You can go around vapor barrier sections that are too tall or wide and cut them using this knife, leaving behind a quality barrier that also looks nice too. Cutting these extra sections away will make it easier to keep the vapor barrier secure as well.

If you're tired of dealing with a humid and wet crawl space, one thing you can do is install a vapor barrier around this area. If you use the right materials and follow the right plans, completing the crawl space vapor barrier installation won't be difficult. 


28 July 2022

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