Two Types Of Pole Barn House Plans Services That Help You Build The Home Of Your Dreams

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If you're having trouble affording a new home, consider building a pole barn house instead. Pole barns are less expensive to build, and they come in many styles. You also have a lot of options with the floor plan.

A pole barn house could be perfect for your country lot, but since some houses don't even look like barns, a pole barn house could blend in with city houses too. However, you'll need to learn and follow local building codes. Here are some options in pole barn house plans for help planning a new home.

1. You Can Buy House Plans Already Made

You can buy a house plan that's already designed and made. You can even browse through a number of stock plans to find something you like. This option is good when you need ideas and you're not committed to having the home built for your personal lifestyle. Pole barn house plan services are sometimes included with the barn kit you buy, or they might be bought from the same company at a discounted price.

Even if you're thinking about having a custom house plan designed, you may want to look into stock plans just for ideas. If you choose a stock plan, the process of building your home may speed up some since it takes time for custom plans to be designed and approved.

You might even opt for a stock plan and then have it modified to suit you so your architect doesn't have to start from scratch. This also allows you to show your architect the type of design you're looking for.

2. You Can Have A House Plan Custom Designed

An interesting thing about pole barn houses is how they're made. They often rest on piers rather than a slab foundation and the roof rests on the piers rather than the walls of the house. When that's the case, there are no load-bearing walls in the house. That gives you complete freedom over the size of your rooms and where you place non-load-bearing walls. That makes the idea of a custom floor plan more enticing, especially if you like large, open rooms.

Pole barn houses can be basic rectangular buildings or two-story barn structures that house a garage, workspace, and living area. You have control over the size and shape of the house, the siding and roofing options, and the interior design and décor.

You can have custom floor plans designed, which includes getting the plans approved by the city that could take some time. However, the wait is worth it when you want a unique home you design yourself that shows off your creative ability and fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

For more information on pole barn house plan services, contact a contractor.


29 June 2022

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