5 Key Signs That Can Identify The Need For Foundation Repair

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Are you curious about if your home has a problem with its foundation, and you're not sure what you should be looking for? There are several signs that can help identify a problem with the foundation.  

Chimney Problems

Start by looking at the chimney. Does it look like it is leaning to the side or that it is cracked in places? This is not good, since a problem with the foundation is causing a ripple effect that is going up to the chimney. A chimney is actually the heaviest part of your home with plenty of weight concentrated in a single spot. If the ground beneath the home is not stable, the first place that you'll see a problem is the chimney.

Foundation Settlement

It's possible that the ground beneath your entire home is settling over time, which is due to the soil not being able to support the weight of your home. This can cause the home to shift down into the soil, which is definitely not going to happen in a perfectly even manner. Some parts will settle before others, leading to cracks in the foundation. 

Cracked Bricks

Do you have a cosmetic problem with bricks that are cracking toward a window or a door? This is actually a clear indication that your foundation is shifting under that part of the home. The bricks want to go in different directions, and it leads to a lot of pressure being put on the bricks until they crack. 

Drywall Cracks

A common problem that homeowners notice on the inside of their homes is drywall cracks. It is going to happen slowly over time, as crack spreads across an entire wall because the foundation beneath it is not stable. Make sure the track the cracks in your wall and see if they get worse over time. 

Floor and Wall Gaps

You should also be looking for gaps between the floors and walls in your home. These are caused by the foundation settling, but there is a separation happening where the floor and the wall meet. You may not notice that the walls are cracking, but that gap will get larger over time as the foundation continues to settle. 

Not sure if your foundation is in good shape? Reach out to a professional for assistance. They'll be able to inspect your home, identify the cause of the problem, and come up with a solution to fix it.

Contact a local foundation repair company for more information. 


2 June 2022

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