4 Secrets Of Painting A Room In Your Home

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When you paint a room in your house, you want to do a good enough job that the paint looks professional for years to come. However, you don't want to have to re-do the job in a few years, which is why it can be helpful to know some painting secrets before you get started.

1. Remove the Flaws With Sandpaper

If you want the paint job to look great, you need to do some work before painting. You are going to want to fix any flaws in the walls with sandpaper. Sand out the uneven spackling compound and smooth down drywall joint patches and smooth around nail holes. Use sandpaper to smooth down imperfections in your wall.

You can use a sanding pole to make it easier to sand your walls and reach higher-up spots. Keep the pressure light and work out any rough spots. This will make the paint look smoother when you apply it.

2. Use Good Tools 

When getting supplies, there are many cheap brushes and rollers and others that are higher priced. When it comes to choosing supplies, go for the more expensive brush over the cheaper option. Generally, with cheaper supplies, the bristles will fall out of the brush and end up on your wall, and the sponges will soak up too much paint and leave behind streaks. Instead, spend a few extra dollars on nicer supplies, as that should give you a more even paint application.

3. Cover up the Furniture

You don't have to take all the furniture out to paint a room. Instead, move the furniture away from the walls, and get some big plastic sheets. Then, cover the furniture with plastic sheets and tape the plastic sheets to the furniture or the ground so that they don't move around. This will protect your furniture from sanding dust and paint without requiring you to move all your furniture out of the room you are painting in.

4. Use Tinted Primer

Instead of using a white primer, try a light gray tinted primer. A slightly tinted primer will help cover up the old paint color better than a white primer and help patched areas blend in better. Additionally, when you apply the paint over a tinted primer, the paint will look more vibrant, and you may not have to apply as many coats to get a good-looking color on your wall.

If you are not up to the task of painting a room in your home, or if you want to paint multiple rooms in your home, you should reach out to a professional residential interior painting service. They will know all the secrets to pull off an amazing-looking paint job. Contact a company like Albrecht & Son LLC for more information.


18 May 2021

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