Stucco Repair Tips For Homeowners

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Stucco is a cement type of siding that is durable and creates a modern look on homes. If this siding is on your home and it ever needs to be repaired, these tips are your best resources for a successful process. 

Alleviate Stucco That is Coming Loose

If you've had stucco problems for a while on the exterior of your home, there probably will be sections hanging off. Removing them is key before you begin preparing surfaces and adding more stucco materials. This part of stucco repair is pretty easy.

You just need to assess damaged sections and see what stucco you can remove. You may be able to do this by hand, and if some sections aren't coming off the side of your home so easily, you can chisel them away. Just make sure you're safe and only remove these sections of stucco.

Get Your Stucco Mix Ready

When you are ready to apply new layers of stucco to the damaged sections, you need to get a stucco mix ready. There are a lot of stucco mix suppliers that make this pretty easy, even for homeowners that don't have much experience working with this siding material.

Just follow the supplier's directions for how to properly prepare the stucco mix. You shouldn't need a bunch of expensive equipment. Just make sure the formula and the ingredients are right so that you get stucco to an optimal consistency. Then it will be pretty easy to work with and scrape against the side of your home.

Be Completely Honest in Your Repair Abilities

If you realize that the amount of stucco damage that is present around your home is pretty severe, you want to be honest in your repair abilities. Do you have the time, experience, and equipment to fix everything wrong with your home's stucco siding as it stands right now?

If you don't, you don't have to feel defeated. You will just need some professional assistance. At least this way, you can gain access to useful tools and have professionals that can make sure repairs are going to work out. 

Homes with stucco look modern and beautiful, but this siding material can face problems like a lot of other options. If you know how to manage repairs when they are absolutely necessary, you can keep this siding material looking fantastic on your home. For more information about stucco repair, contact a local contractor.


14 May 2021

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