Septic Drain Field Repair Guide To Solve Issues When Waste Fill Tanks Too Quickly

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When there is a problem with your septic system, the issue is often blamed on the tank. However, often, the damage to your system is at the drain field, which is going to need to be repaired. These issues with drain fields can cause the tank to fill quickly and back up into your home's plumbing system. The following issues may be causing problems with your system and may call for septic tank drainfield repair.

Solids in Drain Tiles

The special pipes in your drain field are called drain tiles. These lines can be where a lot of the problems with your septic system start. One of the common issues that affect septic systems is solids getting into the drain tiles. This can happen due to an undersized septic tank and not pumping the system when needed.

Collapsed Drain Tiles

There are other issues with the drain tiles that can cause problems with your septic system. The drain tiles can collapse due to loads being accidentally placed over them or because of issues with the septic system design. If your septic system has collapsed drain tiles, a repair contractor will need to evaluate the damage to determine if they can be repaired. If they need to be repaired, you may want to discuss options to prevent future issues with these lines collapsing and causing septic system problems.

Poor Distribution

Another problem with your septic system is poor distribution. This can happen for several reasons. The issues with distribution can be due to the location of tank outlets, problems with distribution pumps, or blocked distribution boxes. Sometimes, older systems may have other issues, such as a design without a distribution box. The septic drain field repair service can help update your system with a distribution box, secondary tank, or pump system to prevent these issues.

Wastewater Leaching

The wastewater can also leach to the surface where the drain field is located. These are the problems that cause soggy areas in your lawn and bad odors. The issues with the wastewater leaching to the surface can happen due to an undersized drain field, overly saturated soils, or damaged drain tiles. If there are green patches and soggy areas in your lawn, these issues could sign a problem with the drain field that needs to be repaired.

The issues with septic system drain fields can cause serious damage and need to be repaired. Contact a septic drain field repair service to discuss these options to fix your system.


12 May 2021

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