Top Benefits Basement Waterproofing Services Can Bring To Your Home

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One way you can increase the sale value of your home is by waterproofing your basement. Most homeowners do kitchen improvements and exterior renovations to increase their home's sales value, overlooking one of the vital considerations: the basement.

Some countries experience high rates of precipitation, making their homes highly susceptible to drowning. When underground water accumulates around your house's foundation, the pressure can lead to basement walls being swept away.

Here are top reasons why basement waterproofing services will be of value for your home.

Reduced Power Bills

Despite it not having a direct benefit, waterproofing your basement can significantly save your home's energy costs.

Waterproofing your basement means that any cracks or crevices are sealed off. With an HVAC unit, you can save on utility costs by keeping either the hot or cold air in.

Increases Living Space and Home Value

According to statistics that Google published, over 96,000 people per month in 2016 searched the internet for how much it costs to finish a basement. A basement can provide additional living space to your home.

Do you want a new play area for your kids? Hire a professional basement waterproofing services provider to secure the walls and provide a safer and cleaner place for you to use.

It Helps Prevent Health Risks to Your Family

Water and humidity are essential ingredients that contribute to the growth of toxic molds in your basement. Molds can result in damage to your respiratory organs, headaches, runny noses and sneezes. If you're highly allergic to mold, the side effects may be severe.

According to CDC, mold will thrive in places with a lot of moisture and requires a short period to grow. Failing to adequately secure your basement from water leaks can lead to an overgrowth of molds that are detrimental to your family's health.

Protects Your Assets

Most homeowners prefer to store their additional assets in the basement. However, this is only ideal if you have secured your basement with waterproof material.

A basement that leaks can destroy items of considerable value such as old photos, electronics, toys and books. A waterproofed basement will promote the longevity of your items.

Reduced Costs

Repairing a basement that has been flooded can be considerably costly. Water can enter your basement in several ways: leaky pipes, a poor foundation or overflowing bathtubs or toilets.

A waterproofed basement will be able to protect you from water damage that can affect the structural integrity of your home.

There are various types of waterproofing material that you can use for your home. Contact a service provider like J.A. Kilby Enterprises Inc for advice and to waterproof your basement.


10 May 2021

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