Why Go With Wood-Like Tile?

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Wood-look tile is a fantastic flooring choice for a lot of people's homes for various reasons. This type of tile brings a lot of benefits to the table, and you'll probably love it for one reason or another. In order to learn some of the reasons why you may appreciate wood-look tile, you want to finish with the reading of this article because it will offer facts on this flooring. 

The flooring will look like wood

Wood-look tile has been designed in a way that makes it hard to tell whether the flooring is really wood or if it's tile unless you take a close look at it. Just as how you can choose from different types of wood flooring to get a specific look, you can also choose between different looks when it comes to the tile because it comes in types that mimic the various types of wood as well. This helps you to get the look you want for your flooring. 

The flooring is waterproof

When you have hardwood flooring, then you have to be careful about it being exposed to water. While it will be sealed against water, there can still be concerns about it being exposed to water if it's time to have it resealed but it hasn't been done or if the exposure to water happens in an area where there was a weakness in the sealant. When you have wood-look tile, you get that nice wood look, but the tile is waterproof, and this means you aren't going to need to worry as much about water being spilled on the floor or about the tile being exposed to water in any other type of way. 

The flooring is scratch-resistant

Wood flooring is durable, but it does have it's weaknesses, and one of those weaknesses is that it can be scratched. If you have pets in your home, then they can end up scratching the floor when their nails aren't trimmed down or if they dig at the flooring. Kids can also be destructive to wood flooring because they can scratch it with their toys. Plus, it can be scratched when you do things like move furniture or accidentally do something else you thought was innocent. Tile is scratch-resistant though, so you will find that it stands up a lot easier to pets and kids, as well as other things like your furniture.

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5 October 2020

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