Keeping Your Home Cool with Proper AC Maintenance

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Air conditioning maintenance is critical if you want your home's AC unit to run correctly and maintain efficiency. The air conditioning maintenance required by most systems is relatively low, but neglecting it can strain the unit and result in a failure. Read on to learn more about proper AC maintenance. 

Professional Maintenance

The simplest way to ensure that you keep the AC running in your home is to hire a professional company to provide air conditioning maintenance for your system. The air conditioning company's technician will change the filters, check the belts, clean the inside of the heat pump outside the home, and inspect the system for problems.

If there is a problem with the AC unit in your home, it is often found during an inspection, which means the technician can fix it before it stops working. Often, repairs made before a breakdown are less expensive to fix. If the system does go down, the repair may be an emergency call that would be more expensive than a maintenance appointment, so preventative maintenance can often save you money.

If you notice a different sound or an odor coming from the air conditioning system, it is a good idea to call the AC company to schedule a full air conditioning maintenance call. If you are not having issues with the system, a general service should be done once a year in climates that only use the AC in the summer, and twice a year in areas that run the AC all year long.

Basic Maintenance

There are some air conditioning maintenance items that you can do to help reduce the cost of the service and keep the air conditioning system running better. You should change the AC filters every few months and more often if you have pets, so learning how to replace these filters can be valuable to you. 

The filters inside your home are typically inexpensive and they're easy to change. The filter is located on the AC unit. You can ask your AC contractor to show you where the filters are and how to change them so that you can take care of them yourself. When the filter needs to be changed, you will be able to pull the dirty one out and dispose of it, and then install a clean filter yourself instead of having to call for service. The filter change will take about three minutes on most AC systems, and you can get replacement filters at the home center or hardware store in your area. 

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5 October 2020

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