Helpful Recommendations To Get You Started With A Decorative Rock Project

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Yard improvements may always be on your mind, with trees and vegetation you want to plant and mulch you want to add to your property. But when you consider decorative rock and how you can add it into your yard's vegetation, there are a lot of different ideas you can use. Here are some recommendations you can use for your next landscaping rock order.

Shop for the Right Rock

When you want to add some natural-looking rock to your yard's landscaping, there is a large variety of rock materials you can add to your property design. Whether you want to add in a border rock edge to your garden or apply crushed gravel to a driveway as pavement, look for a type that is going to provide you with the service and appearance you want. 

There are regular angular and crushed rocks for paving surfaces, or pea gravel for a softer surface, such as around playground equipment or in a dog run. You can also look for a rock made of crushed granite or howlite to give your ground covering an attractive appearance. Or if you want to add texture and a different color, such as black, grey, or red, you can look for lava rock to cover your decorative landscape area. If you want to build a landscape pattern with decorative rock, you can choose two contrasting rocks with different colors and textures to make a visual design in your yard.

Order the Right Amount

There are a few different options for how you can order your decorative rock. If you plan to cover a large area with your new landscape rock, you should plan to order the rock from a local rock supplier to acquire a bulk order. Calculate your total order in cubic yards, which is easy to complete with an online calculator and the dimensions of your project. Otherwise, you can order the rock in bags, pack it into your vehicle and haul it over to your rock project site once at home again.

Install It Properly

Before you start laying down your new decorative rock, you will need to prepare the site. First, excavate a couple inches of soil and any vegetation from the site to make room for the rock layers. Then, install a protective landscape fabric over the bare soil. This will keep the soil and the rock from mixing and the soil from coming up into the gravel. Pour and level the gravel onto your prepared site at a depth of one to two inches for smaller rock, such as pea gravel, and three to four inches for larger rock.

To learn more, contact a decorative rock supplier.


1 October 2020

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