Paving Your Driveway with Concrete

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The driveway is the most susceptible to erosion as a result of the amount of traffic that drives over it. However, property owners will often fail to take advantage of paving their driveways with concrete due to being informed. Read on to learn more about concrete driveways. 

1. Is it Better to Pave a Driveway Instead of Using Gravel or Other Loose Materials?

Some individuals will assume that a driveway that is covered with loose gravel will offer the same type of protection and benefits as one that is actually paved. However, this is not the case as the gravel can easily be dislodged by the vehicles that are passing over it. Furthermore, it can be possible for your vehicle to struggle to get traction on these surfaces due to the gravel shifting as the wheels of the vehicle spin. Both of these issues are completely avoided by using concrete to pave these surfaces.

2. Can You Pave the Driveway If It's on an Incline?

While it will always be the easiest to pave completely flat surfaces, there are many properties where the driveway will be on an incline. While it may seem like it will not be possible to pave these areas, this is not the case. A concrete driveway paving contractor will be able to pave surprisingly steep inclines.

However, there are limits to this option. If the incline is especially steep, evaluate it first to ensure that it will be possible to pave this area. Otherwise, you could consider an alternative path for the driveway so that you can still enjoy these benefits. A driveway paving contractor can help you create a path that will be as cost-efficient as possible while still providing convenient access to the property.

3. How Do You Keep the Concrete From Staining?

Homeowners will often want to know how they can protect their driveway from staining soon after it has been poured. While concrete is susceptible to staining, a homeowner can reduce this risk by having it coated with a sealant. Additionally, if stains form on the concrete, you will be able to have it professionally pressure washed, which may be sufficient for removing these stains from the surface of the driveway. In fact, it can be advisable for homeowners to have their driveways pressure washed every few years as a way of preventing these stains from developing or setting into the concrete. 


25 September 2020

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