2 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Home's Screw-Down Metal Panel Roof

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If your home has a metal screw-down panel roof that has been in place for a couple of decades, you may start to wonder whether or not it is time to have a new one installed. While the overall condition of the roof may seem good, there are a couple of signs for which you should look to find out its true condition. If you do find the signs discussed below, it may be time to consider replacing it.

1.  Edges of the Panels Show Signs of Corrosion

One sign that it's time to consider replacing your screw-down metal panel roof is when you start seeing signs of corrosion along the edges of the panels. Since the edges are where the seams are located, any damage along these areas increases the likelihood that the roof will start leaking.

Also, since the edges are often exposed to increased water and moisture, the panels' metal will usually start oxidizing along them before the center of the panels. As the rust penetrates into the metal, it becomes more brittle, which increases the chance of holes forming and the metal breaking off.

Even if you think that the rust is only on the surface, it is only a matter of time before it eats through the metal. Before this occurs, have a professional determine the full extent of the damage and whether or not a new roof is needed.

2.  Fasteners Start Coming Out of the Panels

Another indicator that your metal panel roof should be replaced is when you start seeing the fasteners along the seams come out of the panels. When the roof was installed, these fasteners were tightly secured so that they would stay in place for years.

However, as the metal starts to warp and corrode, the fasteners will start to come out. At first, they may only start sticking up out of the metal.

But, as time goes on, they will start to come out completely. Either way, a space will be created that will allow water to seep in underneath the roof.

If you start noticing rust formation on the edges of the panels or that the fasteners are starting to come out, there is a good chance that gaps and holes will form in the near future, leading to a leaking roof. Before this situation has a chance to happen, contact a contractor who offers residential metal roofing installation to have them fully inspect your roof and discuss your options for replacing it with a new one.

To learn more, contact a residential metal roofing company.


24 September 2020

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